Junior Golf Camp - Full Day (Ages 8-17)


Play-a-Round Golf, a first-class golf training facility located on the Main Line, offers quality instruction and summer camps for junior golfers of all ages and skill levels. Our teaching methods have been proven to both local and international junior golfers aspiring to succeed in school teams and junior tours.


For junior golfers who love to play the game, or just want to learn, our summer camp uses a step-by-step approach that offers a foundation to learn, succeed, and continue with confidence in the sport. Golf campers play, learn, and grow from this incredible experience, and have lots of fun! Attend a Play-a-Round Golf Camp this summer and experience a completely new and unique experience on the Main Line, regardless of your age or skill level.  


What is unique about Play-a-Round Golf Junior Camps is that we specialize in creating the ideal training center for junior golfers! Our camps offer world-class teaching facilities conveniently located on the Main Line, we use state-of-the-art technology and training aids at indoor and outdoor ranges, make use of over 20 local golf courses for daily on-course play, and provide a valuable, fun, and engaging learning experience.

Half-Day Option (Ages 6 - 10)

If your child is younger and you feel they might not be up to handling the full day efforts, please ask us about our Half-Day Option. It's a great way to get the instruction and lunch, without the on-course time for play.

Junior Golf Camp - Full Day (Ardmore) Dates

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